Being a student who has good academic achievements is everyone’s wish . But in fact, it is not easily realized. The benchmarks are usually seen from satisfying student learning outcomes, for example by getting a good score.

For you who want to be excellent students at school, you can try to apply the following tips:

High Motivation

Being an excellent student certainly does not come suddenly, because it needs encouragement and high motivation. Therefore, you must always have a strong motivation. This motivation will move you to reach high achievements. Teacher credibility is also important to motivate students to be more eager to make it happen. International schools such as St Andrews Dusit have teachers providing excellent teaching and supporting every child to achieve their potential are the cornerstones of a Cognita education. Visit the website at

Able to Learn Effectively

For you who want to be superior, you need to master learning skills effectively. If you can master effective learning, it makes easy for you to get satisfying results. The reason you already know how to teach material quickly. As a result, when the test comes, you can do the questions properly.

Active In Learning

The activeness in learning is usually marked by the activities of students who like or frequently answer questions raised by the teacher. Besides, students must also ask the teacher about things that have not been discussed. Being active is very important so you can quickly find out the subject matter. If you are being active, you will always be motivated to search for materials until the finish.

Diligently do the homework and assignment

If you want to be an outstanding student, you have to do assignments and homework given by the teacher. You can take advantage of this to increase your test scores. Being diligent and on time working on assignments can be a point against the teacher.

Able to manage time well

To reach the achievements, you must be good at managing time properly. As a student, of course, you don’t just study. Besides playing, socializing, and helping parents. With good time management, all your activities can be completed properly.

Have a Good Attitude and Behavior

In general, teachers prefer students who have good attitudes and behaviors. Why does this affect student achievement? Because attitudes and interactions are also included in giving the score. Therefore, try to be a good attitude and behavior of students.