You’re in Melbourne, but confused about where to go? A vacation to the Yarra Valley can be an excellent choice for those of you who are bored with the city crowd. Yarra Valley is a winery that becomes a favorite destination for tourists. It is located in the Yarra River valley area. It is approximately 143 kilometers from downtown Melbourne. Here, you can find various experiences and feel the chill of the rural atmosphere. Traveling from Melbourne to the Yarra Valley by bus or car only takes about one hour. During the trip, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are many things to do in Yarra Valley. You can join several tours that have been prepared by the local people. One of them is a tour of the garden. Here, you will be introduced and invited to taste a variety of fruit that is cultivated in that place.

While in the Yarra Valley, you can see the diversity of Australia’s unique fauna at the Healesville Sanctuary Zoo, including; koalas, kangaroos, platypus, and Tasmanian Devil. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty and fauna, you can also taste various commodities developed by Yarra Valley residents such as wine, tea, and chocolate food. This place is a suitable place for a picnic with the family. Besides, not infrequently, this place is also used for important events. However, because the weather is often changing, it would be better if you provide a tent just in case something out of the plan happened. If you are looking for tent rentals, you can contact Having A Party via the website They will be happy to provide the tents you need.

Here, you can take a tour of the factory to find out the process of making wine in the warehouse. Moreover, visitors can taste various types of wine made at that place. You will also be invited to the tea making in Yarra Valley (Tea Co.) and the Yarra Valley chocolate factory (Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery). Like the study tour, the guide will explain about ingredients for making chocolate. Here, you will have the opportunity to taste several chocolate creations that are the mainstay of the company. Uniquely, after touring, you can also enjoy the view of the beautiful green hills through hot air balloons. Wow! Super interesting!