Novotel Saigon Center Luxury Hotels in Vietnam

Novotel Saigon Center is a 4 star hotel Saigon that located right in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Because it is located in the city, of course, this hotel is not far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Even so, this hotel is fairly comfortable and safe for guests staying. The hotel offers easy access to shopping centers and other entertainment areas that guests can enjoy. Some of the cultural and historical tourist attractions that can be easily reached from this hotel are the Notre-Dame Basilica, Saigon Opera House, and War Remnants Museum. Everything can be reached by just walking.

Novotel Saigon Center has a choice of 247 rooms with beautiful city views. All rooms have a flat-screen TV, personal safe for your valuables, and a minibar. There are four types of rooms this hotel offers. Some rooms have more facilities such as an espresso machine …

7 Tips on Planning a Wedding Event

Every couple must dream of the perfect wedding. Everything at the wedding must be well prepared. Starting from the wedding date, the wedding concept, choosing a place, and many more. Prepare a wedding requires much time. 

Here are seven tips for planning a wedding:

Plan early

Delaying wedding planning is something that should avoided. So you do not experience stress, do planning earlier. That way, you will have more time to prepare, be more relaxed, and the planning process can be done with fun.

Setting up a Budget

Budget is the first thing that needs to considered when planning a wedding. Make a budget plan for all things that must be prepared, such as catering, transportation, entertainment, invitations, and many more.

Verify Number of Invitations

The number of invitations will affect your budget, consider who the people that will be invited to your wedding since the beginning are. Later on, …

Getting to Know the Shipping Service Company

The shipping service company is a company engaged in the delivery business. As we all know, the delivery business grows because of the need to deliver goods from one place to another. Usually, the shipment of goods occurs because of the following things:

  • Trading and purchasing activity.
  • The need for certain goods in certain locations.
  • Moving items from one place to another requires a method. Some methods used to move goods from one place to another include:
  • Moving goods with the help of human labor
  • Moving goods with the help of tools or technology created by humans, such as carts, cars, trucks.

The tool for moving goods from one place to another is called a means of transportation. Shipping services by modes of transportation can be by land, sea, and air. You can send goods within the same city, between cities and countries.

Then why do people need shipping services?