I am really wondering how long bitcoin can continue to rise the way that it has for as long as it has been on the scene, but also whether or not it is too late to really get involved in it. Like every other thing the best thing is to get your feet wet before you know how deep the water is actually. I have been playing with a bitcoin trader app for a couple of days, but I am not so sure that I really trust the entire concept of the bitcoin. In fact when you look at it, the idea behind the thing is to hide from the government and other entities. If you were a criminal then the bitcoin is the thing you would dream about. The mafia and other organized criminal groups has to worry at all times that the money trail is the way that they catch you. Bitcoin is not in fact traceable, you have something that was designed from the start as a currency that can not be traced.

Of course I am involved in real estate as a business, although it is not something which I am as personally involved in as I used to be. When I got married as a very young man, my father in law was a fairly wealthy guy who taught me how to buy houses, fix them up and sell them at a profit. Without him I would not have learned how to do that stuff. It is something that I got fairly good at, although it was a pretty big burden, especially if you rent the places out. That is the best thing to do a lot, but I never liked it. You always have people who are not able to pay on time and I hated trying to make them.