Interested in renovating the bathroom in the house into a modern minimalist bathroom? Very interested. Especially if you can use a budget that saves like about10,000. There are some tips on what elements to look out for and how to put together a budget when wanting to renovate a bathroom with a budget  ofabout $1000.

Elements to watch out for

Hal-things to note are the size of the bathroom, the design, and the materials you want to use. These elements will affect the amount of funds you will spend.

The area of the bathroom determines the amount of materials needed, such as ceramics to cover the walls and floors, as well as cement and paint. Meanwhile, the design will affect the choice of bathroom furniture, accessories, and types of ceramics that you will use. Furniture choices include bathtub, shower, faucet, sink, and bathroom door.

Make sure the budget to install ceramics is a top priority

Before you buy a shower set or other installation furniture, make sure you secure the budget to install new ceramics first. Cost unloading pairs of new ceramics was the most expensive and time-consuming.

Based on the experience of this woman who is familiarly    , two artisans usually do demolition within 3-5 days. While the ceramic pair is finished in 2-4 days. Then, the installation of bathroom furniture can be done in a day if it does not change the pipeline much.

Expert handyman rates range from $120-$240  per day, while artisan assistants are     $80-$160 per day. For ceramics, each box contains a ceramic area of 1 m2. So for ceramic needs, you just have to adjust it to the area of walls and floors. Don’t forget, add about 10{afea479f7af86395afabf944c2cb0064790186c73d339d5ed6d9a6a97c87207e} of the amount as a backup. In addition, you also need to take into account the needs of cement and paint.

Well, for the bathroom interior, you can choose between using a bathtub or just a shower. If your bathroom size is 2 m x 2 m or less, the location of the sink needs to be carefully arranged given the limited space.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of renovating a modern minimalist bathroom with a$1000 budget

After getting some of these tips and insights, you can already start compiling cost details. Assuming the bathroom is 2 m x 2 m x 3 m, then here is the estimated details of the cost of bathroom renovation.