Storyviews – new method of development. 

Masslooking is a weapon of mass destruction.  It can be a good alternative and supplement to massfollowing and massaging.  But it should be kept in mind that this tool provides a much larger number of contacts with the audience.  Therefore, it is possible to choose it less strictly.

Note that you are much more likely to be noticed when interacting with small accounts.

Using this storyviews service in combination with likes and subscriptions, you can achieve high performance.  However, in order to attract attention of your target audience, you need to be creative in designing your profile.  You can only count on a subscription if the content of your account is high quality and relevant.

Another lifefhack is account cloning.  Today, many popular bloggers create clones of their profiles, designed in the same style, with a similar profile name and containing links to the home page.  Masslooking of and other automated promotion methods are launched on cloned pages, only they are configured for other user bases.  This is necessary in order to reach as many audience as possible and avoid a ban.

Storyviews is a new way to attract traffic to your page.  The largest conversion should be expected from it right now, while users are not yet overloaded and actively responding.  Watching the stories has its advantages over other ways to attract mass attention to your profile.  

Stories seem to be part of real life.  It is much more interesting for the public than a news feed.  This is the tab that is the focus of attention, so your viewing is likely to be noticed and appreciated.

Of course, it will not give you an increase in subscribers by a million dollars in a few days, but this is a great opportunity to remind the target audience about yourself once again.  With the right approach and the right settings, massaging will significantly increase your coverage and gradually increase your readership.

The advantages of can also be referred to:

Big limitations.  If the secure limit of subscriptions is limited to 1000 per day, and for some accounts even less, tens of thousands of stories per day.  This means that you get hundreds of times more interaction with your audience and, accordingly, more clicks on the link and future subscribers.

An active audience.  According to official statistics, the section “Stories” is visited by over 200 million people a day.  In addition, it is those who publish stories, according to statistics, most of the time spent in the social network and more active, most often subscribe to each other, barking and commenting.

Lack of bots.  Commercial accounts, online stores and bots are practically not published in stories.  This significantly increases the effectiveness of the method to attract “live” users to the traffic account.